Wednesday 28 March 2018 - Short papers programme

Please refer to the below table for information on the Short paper sessions that will be taking place on Wednesday 28 March from 2pm - 3.40pm. 

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Time & Speakers
Users and Carers 
Inpatient Care 
Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders
New Thinking

Working with Carers to help transitions out of hospital.

Developing a Peer Support Work scheme in an inpatient unit for children and young people with eating disorders: can the value outweigh the risk?

Pulling together - learning to dance in the rain: A therapeutic model for patients with severe, enduring eating disorders.

Bridging the troubled water: Managing clinical dilemmas in the transition between Eating Disorder CAMHS and Adult Eating Disorder Services.

Seeking help in general Practice for people with eating disorders.
Gut microbacteria in anorexia nervosa, a systematic review of the literature.

Katie Rowland, V Cardi, Prof Janet Treasure, & V Aye

Amy Lucas, Dr Sophie Nesbitt & Sharon Donaldson

Kuda Kali, Dana Myers, Maria Campbell

Sam Spedding & Tiziana Corsini 

Sue Shortland, Prof Paula McGee & Prof Mervyn Morris 
Bari Stricoff & Dr Paul Robinson 
A Carer and Patient's experience of Parental Empowerment in the Face of Anorexia Nervosa.

Do meal preparation and social eating sessions relly help young people in an inpatient setting?

Use of 3D body scanning technology for assessing bpdy image issues.

Combining Family based Treatment (FBT) and Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-ED) to improve outcomes for young people experiencing eating disorders.

Bridging the gap: Developing an intensive support program for eating disorders in community treatment.
Stepping down rather then falling down? How transitioning from eating disorder inpatient treatment to step-down specialist community accomodation improves eating disorder recovery.
Cynthia Rousso

Janet Tighe, Rachel Matthews, & Prof Hubert Lacey

Graham Hutton & Samantha Tema

Karen McMahon & Mirin Craig

Dr Lynn Olver, Dr Clare Leather & Marilyn Conroy
Hayley Smith, Nick Walker & Marian Titley

How can online groups be used to effectively support eating disorder recovery?

Dilemmas faced by adolescent inpatient eating disorder service-reflections and beyond.

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy: Development of co-design training for clinicians.

Medication prescribing habits of eating disorder consultants for the treatment of young people with anorexia nervosa: a questionnaire study.

Home treatment in Greece. An application of interpersonal component of cognitive interpersonal maintenance model on families and patients with severe anorexia nervosa.
The mediating effect of self-disgust on emotion regulation and eating disorder symptoms: A longitudinal perspective.

Dr Niamh McNamara & Harriet Parsons

Dr Andrea Biro, Callum Moore, Lucy Tomlinson, Dr Keerthi Sundar, Sabina Bedi, Dr Shaheen, & Yousaf Chaudhry

Amanda Bye, Dr Abigail Easter & M Phil

Maedeh Yakhchi Beykloo, Prof Ian CK Wong, Dr Dasha Nicholls, Dr Mima Simic & Dr Ruth Brauer Maria Tsiaka, & Constantinos Bletsos Katie Bell and Dr Helen Coulthard, & Dr Diane Wildbur

'I am Sam': process to product. The creation of a film by young service users in an inpatient unit for eating disorders.

"No one wanted me in the country"... Challenges regarding managing a particularly complex presentation of needs in an eating disorder unit.

Working with representations of anorexia nervosa in males in literature, language and culture: A new approach to treatment? 

Running Cognitive Remediation Therapy groups in a community CAMHS setting: Adaptations, challenges and outcomes.

A multifaceted approach to facts underlying  binge eating behaviours: Investigated impulsivity in a community sample.
Setting up and delivering a Primary Care Early Inverention Service for people with mild-to-moderate eating disorders.

Amy Lucas, Dr Sophie Nesbitt & Sharon Donaldson

Dr Andrea Biro, Callum Moore, Dr Keerthi Sundar, Gillian Lynes, Laura Cherry, & Sally Hodges

Dr Heike Bartel, Dr Daniel Hunt, Dr Nadia Micali, Sam Thomas & Danielle Mills

Dr Julie Franklin, Sarah Lloyd &  Lucy Rigley

Jordan Marwood, Dr Zoe Kolokotroni & Dr Therese Shepherd
Miranda Boal
 TBC The key elements of Collaborative Care in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: Joint Skills & Training for Clinicians and Carers

The 'Newbridge Prognosis Score': Evaluating the effectiveness of a prognosis tool based on patient and family progress in an inpatient eating disorder unit.

"I was the honorary female". Implications of male identity for help-seeking, engagement and treatment provision.

Predicting transition to eating disorders in adolescence: A school-based prospective cohort study.
My voice, my rights, my choice: The significance of independent advocacy in eating disorder services for patient treatment and recovery.
What do we know about the internal eating disorder 'voice'? A summary of recent findings.
 Speakers Prof Janet Treasure, Jenny Langley & Gill Todd Philippa Mquilton, Rachel Matthews, Sarah Astbury, & Prof Hubert Lacey Matthew Siff & Dr Courtney Raspin Charlotte Connor, Max Birchwood, Colin Palmer, Sunita Channa, Newman Leung & Anna Lewis
Sukayna Al-Aaraji & Sian Phillips
Dr Matthew Pugh


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