Thursday 29 March 2018 Programme

Keynote and Plenary lectures will take place in the Great Hall. These sessions are for all delegates; during these times other rooms will not be hosting any additional programme content.

Keynote lecture three: How could technology replace face to face therapy and shoudl it Eric van Furth     
Keynote lecture four: Genes, environment and treatment Howard Steiger 
10:30-11:00   Panel Q & A 
Tea & Coffee
Plenary three: Beat Ambassadors interview Keynote Speakers about their presentations
- Treatment: What was helpful for me and what wasnt? Tracey Wade
Wny would I want my parents involved? Janet Treasure
- How could technology replace face to face therapy and should it? Eric van Furth 
Are you saying it's all about my genes? Howard Steiger
Poster strolls

Workshop 1.1  All in the mind? A user's guide to eating disorders and the brain 
Dr Ian Frampton, Natalie Butt and Emma Bailey

Workshop 1.2   Supervising trainees to do the difficult bits of eating disorder therapy
Prof Tracey Wade

Workshop 1.3  Medication for eating disorders
Dr Hubertus Himmerlich and Jessica Bentley

Workshop 1.4 From Coercion to mobilization: Autonomous motivation and autonomy support in eating disorder treatment
Prof Howard Steiger

Workshop 1.5 Exposure for eating disorders: Supervising a nervous trainee
Prof Glenn Waller

Workshop 1.6 Enhancing motivation and self-compassion through the use of virtual reality (VR) in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) 
Viviana Aya

Tea & Coffee
Workshop 2.1   Care, compassion and continuity: Community treatment for severe anorexia nervosa, to recovery or to end of life
Dr Calum Munro and Lucy Corbett
Workshop 2.2   Is anyone immune to the impact of body image: How do we keep teams healthy, aware and reflective?
Elisabeth Tristram, Lynn Olver and Rubina Khatun
Workshop 2.3 Application of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) principles and techniques within a recovery-based approach to the treatment of anorexia nervosa 
Charlie Baily
Workshop 2.4  Multi family groups: How to do it 
Prof Ian Eisler
Workshop 2.5  Carer, those with lived experience and professionals; contributions to an integrated eating disorder service in Dorset  
Dr Ciaran Newell
Workshop 2.6   The eating disorder voice 
Dr Matthew Pugh 


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